Finally understand the intricacies of the CMHC underwriting process for multifamily assets




Let us walk you through the cmhc underwriting perspective 

Streamline and perfect your CMHC underwriting process for predictable results



Finally understand the CMHC underwriting perspective, receive your COIs faster and expect higher approval rates

Facilitated by an experienced former CMHC Multi-Unit Senior Analyst (multi-unit underwriter) to guide you through the CMHC underwriting and submission package expectations.

This training will equip you and your team of agents to prepare strong lending recommendations to satisfy the underwriter that the risk you are presenting is good and acceptable according to CMHC risk appetite.  

Once completed, you will be able to analyze and prepare mortgage insurance applications in full and put together quality applications for submission to all types of lenders and CMHC according to their approved lender quality requirements.

This course is NOT approved by FSRA


What You Will Learn:

  • ​Benefit #1: Analyze as per CMHC guidelines all risks associated with a mortgage transaction, including the borrower, property, and loan ratio requirements.
  • ​Benefit #2: Evaluate and utilize potential mitigating factors as per CMHC's loss prevention practices
  • ​Benefit #3: Theory & Knowledge to enable you to underwrite an application from beginning to end as per CMHC presentation guidelines. 
  • ​Benefit #4: Predetermine how CMHC will calculate property value based on property type. AND MUCH MORE...

available online and in-person, canada-wide

Learn to analyze files through the cmhc Perspective


template for faster approvals

Submitting files to CMHC is a privilege   

Submitting files for approval with CMHC is a privilege, as an approved lender/approved correspondent your access can be taken away if your file submissions are not fulfilling their submission guidelines and expectations.

How does this happen?

- File submissions lacking/missing supporting documents. 

- Poor quality file preparation causing the Senior Analyst to     continuously ask for clarification hence prolonging completion of your file.

- Lender/Broker recommendation is not clear and shows lack of due diligence and understanding of the borrowing group.

- Lack of mitigation in the lender recommendation or too many mitigations required for approval.

Wether you are looking to become an approved correspondent or already are an approved correspondent, this training will ensure your team is up to date with the current CMHC file submission quality expectations.

Our submission template will set your team apart, it follows the best practices in the industry. This package is what your team needs to submit a strong and sophisticated recommendation following CMHC loss-prevention practices.

Meet your instructor

Cassandre Salomon is a multifaceted entrepreneur, investor, former CMHC Real Estate Portfolio Analyst, and Multi-Family Realtor. Her depth of experience at CMHC in underwriting multi-family properties has enabled her to effortlessly maneuver through the industry with ease.

Her niche is primarily focused on educating underwriting and CMHC MLI Select products, bringing clarity to her clients and real estate professionals alike as an added service.

Cassandre is passionately devoted to teaching, public speaking and demystifying multi-family underwriting.


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